The main differences between a BLACK DIAMOND STINGRAY and Leopoldi are:

  • Darker body color (Black)
  • Large spots should be whiter
  • White spots on the paddle fin/ spots on claspers
  • White spots around and in the eyes
  • Belly spots
  • Double row of small white spots around the disk edge

Black Diamonds can then be sub-divided into 3 categories

  • Thousand Island:  Has many small white spots covering its body with some larger spots on the middle of the disk
  • Eclipse: Has bright white ring-shaped pattern surrounding the disk often filled with black spots. These unique patterns often form a line and letter shapes.
  • Big Spot: Clearly given its name based on large circular white spots surrounding the disk of the ray. The pattern is often symmetrical although each fish’s pattern is unique.

Black Diamond Stingray Male

Black Diamond Stingray Male, the diamond stingray is a species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae. It is found in the coastal waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean from southern California to northern Chile and around the Hawaiian Islands.

Black Diamond Stingray have oval-shaped bodies, which are covered in white spots. Their underside is gray with no spots. They have protruding eyes which allow them to see what’s above them. They also have special sensing organs around their mouths and nose. It allows them to detect electric fields generated by other animals.

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