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Chameleons or chamaeleons are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of Old World lizards with 202 species described as of June 2015. These species come in a range of colors, and many species have the ability to change color.



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We’ve got everything from Ambilobe panther chameleon to Ambanja panther chameleon for sale. The best place to Buy chameleon online is from our store.  We also offer  Nosy Faly panther chameleonSambava panther chameleonPet chameleon for sale.   Secondly, consider the type of pet chameleon for sale you are looking for and if you plan on handling it or not.  Most importantly if you are looking for a pet chameleon that can be handled.  Because of their docile nature, the male panther chameleon seems to make the best pet chameleon for sale.

Their deliberate rhythmic movement, coupled with catching insects with tongues twice their body length, makes these lizards genuinely amazing. We offer only extremely healthy chameleons for sale, including both captive-bred and imported species, and if you Buy chameleon online from us.

If you buy a chameleon from us, it comes complete with a 7-day live arrival guarantee. We’ve also got an excellent chameleon care sheet that we’ve put together based upon many years of extraordinary success with these lizards.

Don’t forget to get some Miner-All calcium powder for your chameleon—it’s the only human grade calcium supplement out there and we use it exclusively with all our breeding projects.

We offer exotic reptiles for sale online at absolute rock-bottom prices, which means we make these fascinating animals available to you affordably as pets, or even to start your own reptile breeding project. We are reptile enthusiasts who believe captive breeding is integral to the future of the market, as it not only helps protect wild herp populations but is an incredibly rewarding experience that tends to intensify one’s passion for these amazing prehistoric creatures. Whether you buy a snake, lizard, turtle, tortoise, or alligator, we are driven to provide the highest quality live reptiles for sale.


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