Breed Highlights


Tibetan Mastiffs are loyal and devoted family pets and companions
They are one of the healthiest breeds in the world
Although large, TMs are very good around children
They shed moderately throughout the year only more so in the spring and autumn
They are not very high maintenance on the grooming front and their coats don’t tend to get matted
They need enough space to express themselves being such large dogs
Puppies are expensive and the cost of feeding them is high
They are very good watchdogs


Tibetan Mastiffs need a lot of daily exercise
They are very large dogs and need enough room to express themselves
The cost of feeding a TM is high because they are such large dogs
They have a high prey drive
They are not the best choice for first time dog owners


Tibetan Mastiffs are impressive and noble looking dogs that boast an extremely dense double-coat and large bushy tail that dogs carry curled over their backs. They are powerful, well-built and although they may seem slow and heavy, Tibetan Mastiffs can show a good turn of speed when they need to. They are definitely not a good choice for first time owners because although stunning these dogs needs to be well handled and trained by someone who is familiar with the breed or similar type of dog.

For centuries, these imposing dogs earned the reputation of being legendary guardians in their native Himalaya where they have always been highly prized. More recently, a Tibetan Mastiff was sold for a record price, making the dog the most expensive in the world. Today, these noble large dogs are still quite rarely seen WORLDWIDE, but the breed’s popularity is gaining momentum all thanks to the fact that Tibetan Mastiffs have such kind and loyal natures.


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