1. All Customers are Advised that ALL Mammals, Birds, & Reptiles are bought at purchaser’s risk. No Exchanges or Refunds!
  2. Live Arrival Guarantee Only on all shipments sent airport to airport. NO LIVE live animal guarantee for shipments that are delayed or mishandled by the AIRLINES.
  3. All animals MUST be picked-up within 2 hours of arrival, IF NOT GUARANTEE IS VOID. We DO NOT GUARANTEE any Live Arrivals on any shipped to areas below 60 degrees or above 80 degrees.
  4. We ARE NOT responsible for additional charges on freight for replacement of animals. You must make all claims within 24 hours of arrival of the animals, LEAVE a message with exact reason for your phone call.
  5. All shipments are sent AIRPORT to AIRPORT charges range from $200.00 and up.
    Cost varies on the weight and boxes, Health-Certificates are an EXTRA COST.
  6. Exotic Pets for Sale. will not knowingly ever ship any critter to any other State or Cities that the critters are ILLEGAL or Band by the areas Laws. The customer/purchaser is required to know the laws.
  7. World Exotics, Inc. is NOT responsible for any care or veterinarian expenses if you decide to take your critter to the veterinary at any given time. It is your responsibility to pay any expenses.
  8. World Exotics, Inc. only ships the critters in IATA approved crates or containers. The critter will arrive the same day it is shipped. We are a licensed exporter we ship on Monday-Thursdays over seas. Within the U.S.A. we ship on Tuesday-Thursdays. We DO NOT ship on Friday-Sunday or any Holidays for the safety of the critters. We will provide all the shipping information that is needed for you receive the critter.
  9. All shipment are monitored until it shows that they have been picked up ( time and date) the critters was taken from the Airport.
  10. 10 Exotic Pets for Sale. will ONLY accepts deposits on babies that are born. Deposits or Payments are Non-Refundable unless we cannot provide you with the critter you sent it for. If you do not want the critter you sent the deposit for or the payment once its ready to go then you forfeit your money. We will only HOLD animals for a certain amount of time, which Exotic Pets for Sale. and the customer will decide at the time of payment or time of deposit. After the date is due, the purchaser will loose its deposit or payment.